March 17, 2019

exile: prolonged separation from one's country or home

The issue facing the Christians in Asia Minor was disturbingly simple: How should we live in this context of social exclusion and persecution? Should we escape into a more sheltered world? Should we withdraw from society? Should we turn a cold shoulder to our world? Should we denounce society in poetic and prophetic tones? How then should we live? Peter’s letter is a window into a situation that even throws light on our world; his letter is one of the first struggles in the church with society. It formed some of the conversation that continues to this day, and in our examination of it, we will reap great reward. -  Scot McKnight

“Peter wrote this, his first epistle, to the converted heathen and exhorted them to continue steadfast in their faith and to grow in it under all kinds of suffering and in every good work.”      - Martin Luther

March 10, 2019

exile: prolonged separation from one's country or home

Today we begin a new sermon series that I've titled Exiled: Sermons in 1 Peter. Peter begins this letter by addressing it to those who have been exiled.

In this series I’ll identify 5:10 as being the summary verse of the letter: “I have written to you briefly, encouraging you and testifying that this is the true grace of God. Stand fast in it.”

Under that idea, here are several themes or threads that run throughout the letter:

1) Suffering for the sake of the Gospel
2) Hope of the Gospel
3) Holiness of God’s Children
4) Christian Community, Relationships, and Submission
5) The Believer’s Relationship with the World


I pray that the Living Word of God will dwell within you richly as we study it together! 

Lent 2019 at Living Word

Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.

These words are a powerful reminder of the brevity of our existence, our sin, and the obvious limits of our humanity. Coming face-to-face with those realities is an important and powerful journey for the Christian. If you are in the vicinity of Dickinson, ND, please consider joining us for our Lent Communion Services on Thursday evenings!

Living Word Fellowship
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Here’s the schedule:

Living Word Fellowship - Lent 2019 Schedule

Living Word Fellowship - Lent 2019 Schedule

March 3, 2019

Here’s a recap of the “genetic markers” that make us who we are!

Parts 1&2 - The Bible-Jesus is the center of the Bible. (1) The main truth of the Bible is that Jesus is the only way of salvation. (1) The Bible gives the assurance of salvation for those who believe. (1) God’s Word creates faith. (2) God’s Word sanctifies us (2) The scriptures are inspired by God and without error. (2)

Part 3 – Humanity-All humanity is marked by the curse and guilt of sin. Humanity is marked, in a more significant way, by the unfailing love and mercy of God. We weep alongside Jesus (Luke 19:41-44) over the sin and brokenness of our world, and we long for salvation and redemption for all. 

Part 4 - Evangelical & Lutheran-We rest in Christ’s work for us. We feel the urgency of a world that needs a savior. 

Part 5 - The Mission of the Church-We are a worshipping family. We are a missionary people. We are a disciple-making movement.

Part 6 - Law & Gospel-The two main teachings of the Bible are Law and Gospel. The Law shows us our sin and our need of a Savior. The Gospel is the good news that, in Jesus, we find the forgiveness of sins and the gift of His righteousness to be received by faith. What God demands in the Law He provides in the Gospel.

Part 7 - Doing Church-All believers are called to be part of Christ’s body in the community and under the authority of a local congregation. God has given some for the purpose of equipping the body for works of service. Christian maturity is marked by unity, submission, and contribution. 

Part 8 – Missions-We ask God to give us a heart for those who are far from him. We emphasize taking the Gospel to unreached people groups. We believe that if our eyes become focused primarily on what is happening inside our building, we cease to be the Church.

Part 9 – Prayer-We long to be people of prayer. We believe that, through prayer, we come to know God better (Ephesians 1:17).