Our Genetic Markers

So far in our DNA Sermon Series, we have been identifying those things that make us who we are as a congregation. I thought it might be helpful for me to summarize the building blocks that fit together into Living Word Fellowship as we have identified them in each sermon.


Parts 1&2 - The Bible

  • Jesus is the center of the Bible. (1)

  • The main truth of the Bible is that Jesus is the only way of salvation. (1)

  • The Bible gives the assurance of salvation for all who believe. (1)

  • God’s Word creates faith. (2)

  • God’s Word sanctifies us. (2)

  • The scriptures are inspired by God and without error. (2)

Part 3 - Humanity

  • All humanity is marked by the curse and guilt of sin.

  • Humanity is marked, in a more significant way, by the unfailing love and mercy of God.

  • We weep alongside Jesus (Luke 19:41-44) over the sin and brokenness of our world, and we long for salvation and redemption for all.

Part 4 - Evangelical & Lutheran

  • We rest in Christ’s work for us.

  • We feel the urgency of a world that needs a savior.

Part 5 - The Church

  • We are a worshipping family.

  • We are a missionary people.

  • We are a disciple-making movement.

Part 6 - Law & Gospel

  • The two main teachings of the Bible are Law and Gospel.

  • The Law shows us our sin and our need for a savior.

  • The Gospel is the good news that, in Jesus, we find the forgiveness of sins and the gift of His righteousness to be received by faith.

  • What God demands in the Law He provides in the Gospel.

Don’t be afraid to reach out if you want to dialogue about any of these!

- Pastor Scott