March 17, 2019

exile: prolonged separation from one's country or home

The issue facing the Christians in Asia Minor was disturbingly simple: How should we live in this context of social exclusion and persecution? Should we escape into a more sheltered world? Should we withdraw from society? Should we turn a cold shoulder to our world? Should we denounce society in poetic and prophetic tones? How then should we live? Peter’s letter is a window into a situation that even throws light on our world; his letter is one of the first struggles in the church with society. It formed some of the conversation that continues to this day, and in our examination of it, we will reap great reward. -  Scot McKnight

“Peter wrote this, his first epistle, to the converted heathen and exhorted them to continue steadfast in their faith and to grow in it under all kinds of suffering and in every good work.”      - Martin Luther