May 12, 2019

Knowing well the doom and darkness from which they were delivered, the new people of God sing forth His praises. Their hallelujah ring from their assemblies, their homes, even from the prison cells where their fear of God has set them free from the fear of man. Their witness is a witness of praise. Nourished by the unfailing Word of God, they taste already the goodness of their Savior. The true grace of God has called them to His glory: everything, even their sufferings, will serve His purpose who redeemed them at such a price. 

Some may scorn the comfort and triumph of Peter’s letter as unpractical theology. His answers are answers of faith. But Peter knows that his witness is true, that Jesus Christ is real. He has tasted that the Lord is good, and that His goodness will not fail.          

-Dr. Edmund Clowney in his description of those Peter describes as “chosen exiles.”