Takeaways from Psalm 25


Psalm 25 helpfully models and teaches how to pray in the midst of great trouble. We are encouraged to bring our concerns, fears, and raw emotion to God. We see in these words a beautiful integration of the reality of our sin and need for forgiveness in the midst of incredibly challenging circumstances. And that pretty much sums up the life of the Christian: a continual need to place our eternal hope and confidence in the promises of God, whether our circumstances are smooth or challenging.

As we reflected on this Psalm today, here are the five realizations that I mentioned:

  • Shame is redefined in God’s Kingdom.

  • My iniquity is great.

  • God’s mercy and love have been proven time and again.

  • God is a close friend to those who are repentant.

  • And, finally, God creates in us a desire for integrity and uprightness.

By God’s grace, may we come to realize each of these in a deep and meaningful way.