July 14th, 2019

     As individual parts of Christ's Church, we find ourselves living in the tension between rest and urgency. 

    We rest in the Gospel. We place all of our hope in God's promise that our standing before him is based entirely on what HE has done, not on what we do. We trust when God says that we are saved by grace alone through faith alone, as we know that He is always true to His Word.

    And yet…

    We live with a strong and compelling sense of urgency. We know that things aren't as they should be. When we trust in Christ, we know that the same sin of which I've graciously been forgiven is blinding, drowning, and killing our friends, neighbors, and loved ones. We feel a sense of urgency because we know that these are serious matters of eternal consequence. As people who know the beautiful redemption found at the cross of Christ, we long for all people, whether in Dickinson or in Chad, Africa, to know the hope of eternity and promise of a Good Shepherd who loves us. 

    So we rest in the Gospel. And we act urgently because those around us need to be rescued from sin.

    Rest. Pray. Invite. Love. Give. That's what the church does.